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A Little Piece for Orchestra


Read by the Brown University Orchestra,

conducted by David Wroe, in May, 2014


Duration: 3'15''


Program Note:

This orchestral sketch is my first work for orchestra. Drawing on my experience playing cello in the Brown University Orchestra, A Little Piece for Orchestra is inspired by the Romantic staples that occupy most of our concert programs, as well as my interest in Minimalism and the development of ideas, melodic or otherwise, with a motive as tiny as two notes long. The piece starts with an Andante introduction that is characterized by legato push-and-pull between two notes, a minor second apart. The Andante then transitions to a faster tempo which carries the rest of the piece. Ultimately, I could imagine the ideas I introduce in the Andante expanding into a slow movement that is much longer, and that builds gradually into the fanfare ending. 

A Little Piece for OrchestraBrown University Orchestra cond. David Wroe
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