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Selected Works for Princeton University

Three Songs 

(2018) for Hindustani Vocalist, Soprano, and Sinfonietta. 29'

1. Saiyan (Soul) - Fantasy on a Song by Shobha Gurtu

2. Geliebte Sakhi - Beloved Friend

3. Tarana - Dance

Recommended Excerpts:

from 1. Saiyan

score p.8-p.16



from 2. Geliebte Sakhi

score p.53-63


from 3. Tarana 

score p.93-109


Link to Full Score PDF (Google Drive)

Link to Score Excerpts PDF (Google Drive)

Performed by Saili Oak, Suzanne Lis, and prismatx ensemble, cond. Nicholas Clark in 2018.

Received an ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Award in 2019. 

Breathing Sunlight 

(2017) for Violin and Cello, 8'45"

Created under the aegis of the Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music, Johnny Gandelsman, violin, and Joshua Roman, cello.

Link to Score PDF (Google Drive)

Performed by Johnny Gandelsman and Joshua Roman in 2017.

Honorably Mentioned at the ASCAP Morton Gould Awards in 2018.

Again a Beginning 

(2020) for Singing Double Bass (or Alto and Double Bass), 8'.

Commissioned by Annick Odom.

Text by Akshaya Avril Tucker.

Link to Score PDF (Google Drive)

Performed by Annick Odom in 2020.

Hold Sacred 

(2020) for Wind Quintet and Dancer, 4'.

Commissioned by WindSync.

Link to Score PDF (Google Drive)

Performed by WindSync in 2020, with choreography & dance by Akshaya Avril Tucker.

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