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Enough, to Unfold


For Pierrot ensemble (flute/alto flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, vibraphone and piano), and dance. Choreography by Akshaya Avril Tucker and Namita Devadas.

Premiered on June 12, 2018 at National Sawdust, Brooklyn, NY, by Lidiya Yankovskaya, conductor, and the Refugee Orchestra Project. Danced by Akshaya Avril Tucker and Namita Devadas. 

                                                        Duration: 7'

Density512 fold in, fold out

fold in, fold out, by Density512, DensitySOUND, 2020. 

Listen/Buy on Bandcamp.

Program Note:

"Enough, to Unfold" explores specific colors inspired by Raag Madhuwanti (an evening Raag) in Hindustani music. I tried to capture the kinds of phrases one perceives while watching a Hindustani singer perform; their hands frequently move in small, graceful gestures, visually amplifying the musical phrases they are singing.


The title refers to my personal challenge in music - and in life. I want to choose just

enough detail, to allow the phrases to unfold naturally. The words are rather like a mantra, a focusing tool to help make this happen.

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