List of Compositions

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Upcoming, for Solo Viola (2020). Commissioned by Calvin Green.

Upcoming, for Solo Vibraphone. Commissioned by percussion consortium headed by Jordan Walsh. *Spots are still open! If you'd like to join or support this consortium, please Contact Me*

Upcoming, for Flute (2020). 5'. Commissioned by Marianne Gedigian.

Upcoming, for Solo North Indian Cello (2020). Commissioned by Jake Charkey. 

Kalpavriksha, for solo Marimba (2019-2020). Indeterminate length, Graphic Score. Commissioned by Payton MacDonald.

The Heart Savors its Fragrancefor Solo Cello (2019). ~15'. Commissioned by Robert Howard with support of the Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music.

          Original version (includes some small choreographed elements).          

          Sonic-only version.

Pallavifor Solo Violin (2019). 14'. Commissioned by the Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music for Johnny Gandelsman.

I Heard God Whisper, for Solo Flute (2017). 8'. Commissioned by Karen Baumgartner.

Ancient, for Solo Cello (2015). 5'

Chamber (Instrumental)

Upcoming, for Wind Quintet (2020). Commissioned by WindSync

Lake, Mist, Sky, for Reed Quintet: Oboe, Clarinet in B flat, Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet in B flat, and Bassoon (2020). 50". Level: grade 8. For the Yale Music in Schools Initiative.

Fables, for Clarinet and Cello (2019). 8'. Solos by clarinetist Shankar Tucker.

In Whose Mouth, the Stars, for Violin, Viola and Cello (2019). 7'. For the Lake Champlain Chamber Music Festival.

          In Whose Mouth, the Stars, version for Flute, Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon (2019). 

          Commissioned by Englewinds.

Our Watersfor String Quartet with Banjo and Mandolin (2018). 10'. Commissioned by invoke and the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland.

Enough, to Unfold, for Pierrot Ensemble, composed of Violin, Violoncello, Alto Flute, Clarinet, Piano, and Vibraphone, (2018). 7'. For National Sawdust's Hildegard Competition. 

Breathing Sunlight, for Violin and Cello (2017). 9', ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Awards Honorable Mention. Created under the aegis of the Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music, Joshua Roman and Johnny Gandelsman.

          Breathing Sunlight, version for Viola and Violoncello (2018).          

          Breathing Sunlight, version for Violin and Tabla (2018).

          Breathing Sunlight, upcoming version for Cello, Tabla and optional Harp (2020).


Dancing Rain, for Solo Tabla and Percussion Quartet (2017). 6'

"It all comes down to a single point" for Woodwind Quintet (2016). 12'

Meru, for Violin, Cello and Piano (2016). 7'

Chamber (with Voice)

Upcoming, for Soprano and Guitar. (2020). Commissioned by Deux Saisons, voice and guitar duo.

Again a Beginning, for Alto and Double Bass (one player) (2020). 8'. Commissioned by Annick Odom.

Radha in the Forestfor Soprano and String Quartet (2020). 5'. Commissioned by Thalea String Quartet.

Midnight Snack, for Soprano and Piano (2019). 3'. Commissioned by Jason Mulligan and Alissa Roca. Text by the composer.

Of My Grandfather, for Mezzo-Soprano and Violin (2018). 8'. Text by the composer. Created

under the aegis of the Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music and Duo Cortona.

Daaro Waari, for Hindustani Vocalist and String Quartet (2018). 5'

Lagan Bina, for Hindustani Vocalist and String Quartet (2016). 7'30"

          Lagan Bina, version for Violin and Piano (2018). 7'30"

          Lagan Bina, version for Hindustani Vocalist and Piano (2018). 7'30"

Large Ensemble

Breathe into the River, for clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, recorder, percussion (2), guitar, violin (2), and double bass (2) (2020). 6'. Written for the Black House Collective New Music Workshop 2020.

Meera Sketches (in progress), for 6-string Electric Violin and String Ensemble (2019). Commissioned by Sean Riley.

A-marafor SATB Choir, Wind Ensemble, and Baritone Soloist (2019). Commissioned by Density512 for "Symphony of Proverbs". 4'. 

Three Songs for Hindustani Vocalist, Soprano, and Sinfonietta (2018). 29'

             I. Saiyan (Soul) - Fantasy on a Song by Shobha Gurtu

            II. Geliebte Sakhi - Beloved Friend

           III. Tarana - Dance

         Three Songs, version for the same soloists and Chamber Orchestra (2018).  

Ich Wandle Unter Blumen for Mezzo-Soprano and Sinfonietta (2018) commissioned by Density512 for Something Borrowed. 6'

Shaam for Sitar and Sinfonietta (2017). 9'

A Little Piece for Orchestra (2014). 3'

Choir / Multiple Voices
Collaborations with Dance

Upcoming, for 8 Voices (SATB). (2020). 5'. Written for the Soundstreams Bridges Workshop for Early Career Composers.

Hands, for SATB Choir (2019). 2'. Text by Jan Freeman.

A-marafor SATB Choir, Wind Ensemble, and Baritone Soloist (2019). Commissioned by Density512 for Like a Religion. 3.5" 

Enough to Unfold, for Pierrot Ensemble (Violin, Violoncello, Alto Flute, Clarinet, Piano, and Vibraphone) (2018). 7'. For National Sawdust's Hildegard Competition. 

Nayika (2017) for Bharatnatyam dance, flute, cello and South Asian percussion. 11'

Gyaan Kar Dekh / Perceive with Love (2015), for Hindustani/Carnatic music ensemble, string quartet, clarinet, and six Odissi dancers. 30'     


Reflections (2014), for Cello, Voice and Odissi dance. 5' 

Fixed Media

Home / Into the Sun (2016). 9' Made with cello, viola, owl and cricket sounds.

Film Scores

For You, to Mentor Me. 13'54". Dir. Merli Guerra, featuring Luminarium Dance Company. Made with cello sounds.

Unread (2013). 16'. Dir. Chakri Toleti. In collaboration with Shankar Tucker.