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Of My Grandfather
(revised in 2020)

For Mezzo-Soprano and Violin.

Duration: 12'30" 

Created under the aegis of the Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music and Duo Cortona.

Note: The performance of "Of My Grandfather" starts at 05:16.

Score and parts are available directly from the composer. Contact me!

Text by Akshaya Avril Tucker

At 6PM, I walked outside
I found a marble ogre’s fingernail
I pressed it and hid it away

The house held silence

Oldest friend

Mama found a golden hair

As it lay in a dusty box
I fastened it around my wrist

A glowing amulet

At 4AM, I’d hear him cry “What!
What do I do

What do I do now? What!
What do I do with this? What do I do with this?”

He clutched his pillow

Oldest friend,
I’m here, holding you,

Oldest friend,
In both senses of the words

Go to sleep
Pleasant dreams

At 6PM, the evening sun

Turned branches
Into canals of light


Suddenly blessed by the touch
Of an ancient grandfather
And the queen of love was installed

With him, in the full moon

“My love is in love
My love is in love
Is in love
My love is in love with

The man in the moon”

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