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For Clarinet and Cello. Duration: 8'15"

With solos by clarinetist, composer and improviser Shankar Tucker, transcribed by Akshaya Avril Tucker.


Written in response to Kamini Avril's 2019 show of paintings by the same title. Kamini is my mom, and Shankar is my brother, and several of the paintings portrayed our recently-departed family members. This is a highly personal work.

Premiered by Akshaya Avril Tucker and Shankar Tucker on 9/24/19 at the Bowery Gallery in New York City.


Played by Shankar Tucker, clarinet, and Akshaya Avril Tucker, cello, live in concert inside the creaking Bowery Gallery.            

Fables Excerpt 1 - openingAkshaya Avril Tucker
00:00 / 02:33
Fables Excerpt 2 - middleAkshaya Avril Tucker
00:00 / 02:04
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